About me

Since I was young, I had moments of transcendence when, for a nano-second, I was experiencing a sensation of utter joy. Those pangs of happiness struck me as not being from this world, the material world, as we experience it on a daily basis. Always leaving me with a feeling of lightness, I wondered what that energy was, from which source those glimpses of enlightment were coming from.

Linda Graf - Reaching out

At the same time I grew aware of numerous synchronicities happening in my life, meaningful coincidences, like winks from a co-existing world. Here just one example of an event in a long chain of synchronicities: When her parents split up, me and my close friend from early childhood were torn apart abruptly, never to see each other again. It was a sorrowful loss. More than 30 years later, while travelling through Europe, we ran into each other on a parking lot in the Swiss Alpes. Of course we promised to keep in touch, but then we did not. A couple of years later, I was driving through Switzerland again and stopped for a break after the Gotthard Tunnel. As I got out of the car I faced my friend who got out of hers, at the same place, at the same moment in time- yet again. We fell into each others arms, now we both understood. Since that day we are inseparable again, like we were in our childhood, facing important life changes with each others moral support, moving on at a considerable pace, progressing.

Name it as it fits your belief: The Universe, Angels, God, Spiritual Helpers. There is a highly spiritual intelligence out there, waiting to support us if we reach out for their help. Since I was young I was aware of these benevolent energies surrounding us and over the years, I was exploring that realm. It took me many years and many life experiences to get to where I am now: working as a spiritual mediator, serving as a transmitter of messages between our material world and the other side, or, as I prefer to put it, between our material world and a co-existing parallel world.

It took me a lot of courage to come out with this website, because I really prefer my privacy, living off the main stream within the circle of the people that I love and that are dear to me. But then, looking back, I never lacked courage. I always believed in the necessity to change my life circumstances when a situation was not longer fitting anymore. When the frustration to be stuck in a current life situation outgrows your fear of change, then you just do it: You move on!

I am from Luxembourg, where I was working for 24 years as a teacher. Reading and writing were always an important part of my life, so while I was teaching, I started writing, publishing a couple of novels and numerous short stories. As well, I was travelling a lot, I still do. But no spot on this beautiful planet touches me as profoundly as Greece. I was 18 when I first flew to Athens. There was a hole in my backpack; on my arrival I lost all the money I had been working for as a student to afford my journey to Greece. I cried my eyes out, I drank far too much cheap wine, then I decided to stay. I had 6.000 Francs in the pocket of my jeans -150 converted in Euros-, that would have to last me 6 weeks. It turned out to be the most amazing journey in my life. With my 2 girlfriends I took a ferryboat to the Cyclad Islands, where we slept on the beach and bathed in the sea. I seriously fell in love with that country. When I came back to Luxembourg I told my parents that, one day, I would live in Greece.

When you cherish your thoughts and dreams, they eventually materialize.

After years of teaching, the job did not fulfill me anymore like it used to do, at the same time writing had become more important to me. So, against all reasonable advice from my countrymen, I decided to quit my well paid job, to leave my house, to leave my country. In summer 2014 I moved to Greece. But this is not where the story ends. Back in Luxembourg I used to see a healer, a woman, which I consider my spiritual teacher. Whenever I was not well, I went for a session with her. I was seeking her advice from the age of 22 and now, being 52, I still consult her if I feel the need to.

I always left my teacher’s sessions with a feeling of lightness, of joy, with a clearer mind and with a clear vision how to move on under the current circumstances. Over the years I was reading a multitude of litterature covering the area of healing work, I got my Reiki master. Before my departure to Greece and to my astonishment, the healer told me that, me too, I was ready now to work as a spiritual healer like she does herself. So I started working with clients. From 2014 onwards it took me another 5 years to be courageous enough to create this website. Because today I can say that I stand my ground, that I found my way.

These days I am spending my time between Luxembourg and Greece. As experience proves, greek people are less in need of spiritual advice as people from other areas are. I explain it among others by the fact that the greeks are still rooted in a solid social life in which traditions are cherished. In countries where materialism is overrated and where stress has become a routine, the quality of life has diminished considerably. As a consequence, people suffer.

Because, finally, our life is not about to HAVE but about to BE.